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Aviation Meteorology

  • Pre-flight and in-flight meteorological information; altimetry, Interpretation and application of aeronautical meteorological reports, charts, and forecasts, as well as the use of and techniques for acquiring meteorological information.

  • Aeronautical meteorology; climatology of relevant areas in respect of the elements having an effect on aviation; the movement of pressure systems, the structure of fronts, and the origin and characteristics of significant weather phenomena that affect en-route, take-off and landing. Flight Academy in Canada.

Air Regulations

  • Short title and scope, definitions, the power to detain aircraft, the penalty for an act in violation of rules adopted under the act, and the penalty for flying in a dangerous manner are all found in Chapter I, Section of the Aircraft Act of 1934.

  • 1937 Aircraft Rules.

  • Airspace regulations.

  • Appropriate air traffic control techniques and practises.

  • Technical General

  • Airframe and Systems Theory of Flight.

  • Electrical Installations.

  • A Power Station.

  • Equipment for Emergencies.

  • Aerodynamics at Subsonic Speeds.

  • Aerodynamics in the Transonic Range.

  • Technical Specific

  • A complete explanation of technical requirements.

  • Precise acceptance criteria, expressed in terms appropriate for forming the basis for the actual design development and manufacturing procedures of an item with the attributes indicated in the operational characteristics.

  • RTR (A) Radio Telephony Restricted

  • Transmission (Part I)

  • Part II – Theory RTR (A). WPC administers the exam every two months.

Benefits of studying from CEA Pvt Ltd:

  1. Regular mock tests will be taken in all subjects to assure the student the success rate of the student.

  2. Following the pattern of the course, a number of tests to cover the entire syllabus will be administered to provide the student with an exam-like experience so that he can prepare to complete the exam on time.

  3. The Academy will offer you study material and classes from the experienced staff which help to boosts your success score.

- It includes 75 hours of instruction are included in professional training.

Course Fees: Rs 1.75 Lac

We offer ground school training for following six subjects and the fees are mentioned below:



Air Navigation

30000 INR

Aviation Meteorology

30000 INR

Air Regulations

60000 INR

Technical General

15000 INR

Technical Specific

15000 INR


25000 INR

Types of Questions: In Air Navigation and Technical General (Comparatively bigger subjects which consists of 100 questions each) and rest of the subjects contains 50 questions each and the passing percentage is 70. Therefore, for every 100 questions, you need to score correctly 70 answers and from 50 questions, you have to attempt 35 correct answers in CPL examination.Commercial Pilot Training Program in Canada.

Credibility of Exam: Valid for 5 years.

Level of Exam: Moderate to Difficult.

CEA Aviation one of the leading aviation institute in Laxmi Nagar (East Delhi) offers admission to all the aspirants looking to start with Ground classes. You can enrol foe Ground classes DGCA exams with us. Once you are clear with exam then our Counsellor Desk will help you in choosing best flight academy in abroad. Wishing all the aspirants good luck for their future endeavours.

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