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Overview of Percocet

Percocet (oxycodone/acetaminophen) is an oxycodone/acetaminophen combination opioid medicine. When non-opioid drugs don't work well enough to control your pain, it's utilized to relieve it. The medicine has a high risk of overuse and dependency and can cause constipation.

Percocet Abuse: Causes and Risk Factors

You may still be perplexed as to why this sort of issue is affecting your life as you ponder on what led to your overuse of Percocet. Take some time to read through the following research-backed concepts to better understand the causes and risk factors for Percocet abuse:


Genetic: If you have a first-degree relative who has struggled with substance abuse, such as a parent or brother, you may be more susceptible to suffering similar problems. This is due to the discovery of specific genes that can make substance abuse, including Percocet abuse, more likely for certain people but not for others.

Side-Effects of Percocet

Short- and long-term impacts are possible for those who take the medicine. Percocet can induce sleepiness, constipation, depression, memory issues, low testosterone, cardiac problems, bone problems, addiction, and mortality in addition to euphoria and pain alleviation.


Risk Factors include:

Having a mental disease history in your family

Having a personality that seeks out new experiences

Having a temperament that is impetuous

Personal experience with mental illness

Having Percocet prescribed to you or having access to it in any other way

Having a history of substance misuse and addiction in one's family


Overdosing on oxycodone, the opioid component of Percocet is the first method. Because the medication affects the area of the brain stem that governs the desire to breathe, an overdose causes breathing to slow or halt.

Your body's tissues and organs will be destroyed if you don't get enough oxygen. Death is the result of this type of brain damage in the end.

NORWICH, CONNECTICUT – MARCH 23: On March 23, 2016, in Norwich, CT, oxycodone pain tablets prescribed for a patient with persistent pain are on display. The catastrophic opioid pain medication and heroin addiction epidemic is wreaking havoc on communities across the country.


In an effort to combat the opioid epidemic, the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued guidelines for doctors to restrict the number of opioid prescriptions administered on March 15. According to the CDC, most new heroin addicts first became addicted to prescription pain relievers before progressing to heroin, which is stronger and less expensive.

Blue lips and nails, gurgling or infrequent breathing, and unresponsiveness are all signs of an overdose. Wakeman claims she teaches people to brush their knuckles along the breastbone of someone suspected of overdosing, which wakes sleeping people but not overdosed people.

Another way to overdose on Percocet is to take too much acetaminophen, which, in high enough dosages, can cause liver poisoning.

"Any dose over 4 grams a day for Tylenol causes us concern," Wakeman added. The maximum daily dose of Percocet varies from six to twelve tablets, depending on the strength prescribed.

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