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gold bangles

Freshwater pearls can be made into different styles and designs of bracelets and mixed with other precious gems for a unique gold bangles but elegant appearance. They can be paired with gold, sterling silver or crystals of your preference. Some of these common styles are the gold bangles and link, stretch, beaded and toggle.

Stretchy bracelet - With this type, pearls can be paired with gold beads using a stretchable nylon. Pearls are usually separated at the top and bottom by small 14k yellow gold beads. And being stretchable, you can just slip on this bracelet on your wrist to have that classic look.

Chain and link - This bracelet uses a sterling silver cable chain or gold that separates the pearls with the chain hanging on your wrist. This can have different types of clasps to secure the bracelet.

Bangles - A gold bangles can be created by using several strands of freshwater cultured pearls either in just one color or in a variety of colors. A silver clasp whatever the design can add beauty to the bracelet.

Woven - This kind of bracelet usually features two to five rows of pearls with the strands woven into eye-catching designs and secured at the end with a clasp.

Toggle - This type of bracelet can have just all pearls or pearls mixed with other gems with a round or heart-shaped toggle clasp in the end to secure the jewelry on your wrist.

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  • Aug 6 2022
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